Ron Moore

  • Bao Institute

As a senior citizen, I’m aware that exercise is important for both physical and mental health. I also know that there are good and bad ways to exercise and that I need some incentive to work out regularly. Besides knowing it’s good for me, paying a trainer for a block of sessions is a good incentive!
So, I decided I needed a trainer and Jeff Babister was recommended to me – that was a couple of years ago. Jeff was an excellent choice for me. I told Jeff that my goals were to maintain good physical health, improve my balance, and lower my blood pressure. Being a senior citizen, I also wanted a GENTLE approach. Jeff listened to me and has balanced aerobic and strength exercises in my program, as well as using a variety of techniques so that our sessions are never boring. And only occasionally do I wind up a bit stiff after my workout. As a result of sessions with Jeff, my blood pressure is lower, my stomach is smaller, I have better muscle tone and my balance is good. The feeling of fit feels good – I have more energy and no muscle or joint stiffness that was creeping up on me before the sessions (except when Jeff forgets to be gentle). The sessions with Jeff are always fun as he is an upbeat and friendly person, as are all the staff at Bao. I have a lot of confidence in Jeff’s knowledge as a trainer and have benefited from his tips on how to deal with the occasionally strained muscles from other activities. But most of all, the program Jeff has designed for me is right on the mark for achieving my goals.