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Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art HydroMassage technology, designed to provide you with a rejuvenating and invigorating massage experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Embrace ultimate relaxation and wellness at Bao Institute.

  • What is HydroMassage?
  • When should I use HydroMassage?
  • How long does each HydroMassage experience last?
  • What are the benefits of using HydroMassage Beds and Lounges at the gym?
  • How are HydroMassage Beds and Lounges cleaned?
  • How much does a HydroMassage monthly package cost?

HydroMassage gives members the benefits of massage, without the inconveniences of getting undressed.
HydroMassage Beds and Lounges use heated water to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

HydroMassage Therapy Georgetown

Most commonly, HydroMassage water massage is enjoyed post-workout as a cool-down prior to leaving the gym
or before a workout to loosen tight muscles. However, many members visit the gym just to use the HydroMassage
Beds and Lounges between workouts.

A session is normally 10 minutes and can be enjoyed at any time. Many gym members choose to use it at the end of their workout.

Most people recognize that massage helps with overall wellness and is an important component to a healthy lifestyle. HydroMassage water massage benefits include:

  • Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains
  • Reduces level of stress and anxiety
  • Deep relaxation provides feeling of well-being
  • Increases circulation in local areas where massaged
  • Relieves muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension

After each HydroMassage session, simply use a spray bottle and towel to clean the waterproof cover. A friendly reminder message pops up during the last 15 seconds of the massage.

A package typically costs $19.99 (members) or 39.99 (non-Members) per month and usually gives each member approx 5 hours of water massage per month.

Benefits of Hydromassage at Georgetown Health Club:

  • Muscle Relaxation

    HydroMassage therapy targets tired and tense muscles, providing deep relaxation and relief from muscle soreness and stiffness. The warm water jets and adjustable pressure settings help release tension, promoting a sense of overall well-being.

  • Stress Reduction

    In today's fast-paced world, it's essential to find moments of relaxation and stress relief. HydroMassage therapy offers a tranquil environment where you can escape from the daily pressures and indulge in a calming massage experience. It helps reduce stress levels, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

  • Improved Circulation

    The gentle pressure and warm water of HydroMassage therapy stimulate blood flow and circulation throughout the body. This enhanced circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tissues while aiding in the removal of metabolic waste products, promoting overall health and vitality.

  • Muscle Recovery and Injury Prevention

    HydroMassage therapy can be an effective tool for muscle recovery and injury prevention. By targeting specific muscle groups and providing a soothing massage, helps alleviate post-workout muscle soreness, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the recovery process. Regular HydroMassage sessions can contribute to improved athletic performance and decreased risk of injuries.

  • Hydromassage Is The Perfect Tool For Muscle Recovery

    Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your recovery or an individual seeking relief from everyday muscle tension, Hydromassage is the perfect tool for muscle recovery. The combination of warm water, adjustable pressure, and targeted massage techniques can help relax tight muscles, improve flexibility, and accelerate the healing process. By incorporating Hydromassage therapy into your wellness routine, you can experience faster recovery, improved range of motion, and reduced muscle fatigue.

At Bao Institute, we prioritize your well-being and provide the ultimate HydroMassage therapy experience. Our team of trained professionals will guide you through the process, ensuring that your session is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Immerse yourself in the soothing waters and let the HydroMassage technology melt away your stress and tension. Book a HydroMassage therapy session today and take advantage of our exclusive promotion with no enrollment fee!

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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our HydroMassage Therapy. Experience the soothing power of water pressure and massage techniques that will melt away stress, relieve muscle tension, and promote overall well-being. Treat yourself to the blissful benefits of HydroMassage Therapy today.

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