bao FIT Semi-Private Training

  • Bao Institute

bao FIT semi-private training sessions have a maximum of 10 participants per session. These programs are designed to deliver exceptional results like nothing else. Every program has modifications so anyone can participate regardless of their fitness level. Kettle Bell requires an intro or clearance from the Director of Fitness to participate.

baofit Ultimate
Using all forms of baofit programs: Kick Boxing, Kettle Bells, Boot Camp, and Suspension, this super charged class gives you the ultimate workout that’s fun and you never know what’s next.

baofit Demo
This demo uses all four modalities such as Kick Boxing, Kettle Bells, Boot Camp and Suspension and is performed by our qualified trainers and is done on the first Friday of each month. There is a maximum of attendance and members must sign up. First time members will be given first right to this class as it has limited enrollment. Please check reception for availability and details.

Boot Camp
Safer, better & more practical/complete than “bargains” conducted in parks, basements, or dusty, musty, out-of-the-way “facilities”. Very old school. Very gym class. Very functional fitness.

Our most aggressive (& cardiovascular) elite class. Kick, punch, knee & elbow your way to superior focus, reaction, perception & coordination.

Kick Boxing
Welcome to the class where everyone gets suspended. Unleash your inner warrior with our high-energy kickboxing classes. Combining martial arts techniques with cardiovascular exercises, kickboxing improves endurance, coordination, and full-body strength.

Kettle Bell
Experience the benefits of functional training with our kettlebell workouts. These sessions incorporate kettlebell exercises that target multiple muscle groups, improve strength, and enhance overall conditioning.With kettle bells, you can have it all: speed; strength; stamina; stability. But only with qualified instruction. Which is why you’ll love our elite classes & expert coaches. Unleash your power.

L.I. Boot Camp
Just as intense as our boot camp, this custom crafted “low impact” version will suit the needs of individuals with joint or lumbar issues. Appropriate for all adults.

Kids Camp
Designed to optimize the biological, neurological & physiological development of young adults aged 10 to 14. No weights! Just drills, circuits, plyometrics & results. This session is 45 min.