Darlene Tolmie

  • Bao Institute

Please accept this letter as my personal testimonial for Stacie Hilts as a Personal Trainer at The Bao Institute for Healthy Living. I have had Personal Trainers in the past but none of them compared to the versatility and knowledge that Stacie has to offer. Every time I came in for my training session Stacie greeted me with enthusiasm and determination at assisting me with my training goals. Stacie pushed me to the limit every time I had a session but also had a critical eye on what my capabilities were so as not to push to the point of injury. I found that I was achieving my goals quickly with her attention to the areas I wanted to focus on along with her recommendations for exercises and nutrition to be focused on when I wasn’t with her. One thing I really enjoyed with Stacie is that every time I came in for my training session she had worked out a new series of exercises so that I wasn’t doing the same exercises all the time and because she always gave me something new to do the time went by very quickly and before you knew it my hour was done.
To sum it up, I would highly recommend Stacie to anyone who wants to see fast results with the goal of maintaining these results.
Thank you Stacie for all you have done for me!