Richard Valentini, (soon to be 64)

  • Bao Institute

I have been a member of Bao for approximately 11 years now. I joined with the purpose of improving my well-being. I began using the equipment by watching others and I honestly thought I was doing myself some good. In the end, I was starting to become bored with the self-made routine and really was not accomplishing anything.

In December of 2011, Elaina introduced herself and very nicely asked what it was that I was trying to achieve. She also asked me what it was that I did that required my attending the gym. I explained that in my job I sit a lot and I felt that my flexibility was deteriorating on a daily basis because of this. Given my age, I did not think this was a good thing at all. I also told her that I had concerns about muscle mass as well. When Elaina asked what I would like to achieve I explained that I wanted to keep my strength and increase my flexibility as much as I could and Elaina said that she could show me how to do that.

Elaina then proceeded to draw up a series of workouts which we went through over a 12-session contract with her. I must admit that it is probably the best decision I have ever made in regard to my well-being. She worked hard at it and that actually encouraged me to work hard. Elaina changed the routine daily. This way I never knew what I would be working on and also not get into a rut with it. The result was that I have become more flexible and my upper body strength improved immensely as did my core. All of this has benefitted me in the one game I love to play and that is golf. Elaina never pushed too hard but she did make me complete the routine to “make sure I got it done”. She was never critical of my ability, only encouraging at all times. Our workout times were twice a weekend I looked forward to them each day and at the end of the session, I felt that I had reached another plateau.
A great job is done and a great coach and it was worth every minute. I highly recommend this lady as a trainer if you so desire to have one. I will be entering into another contract with her this fall to help me through another winter of inactivity and to keep building on what we started.