Barbara Johnson

  • Bao Institute

Dear Elaina & Brian,
We are almost 3 months into the High-Intensity Classes and I would like to congratulate you and Elaina for introducing this innovative program to Bao – Georgetown. Personally, I have found these classes to be terrific motivators. Your skilled trainers, unique to Atlantis, have scheduled hours of their time to provide early morning, evening, and even Saturday classes. A doctor once told me that I had to accept that I would be a disabled person and adjust my life accordingly. How surprised he would be to see the changes in my mental and physical development as a result of these classes. I must attribute this success to the expertise, commitment, and dedication of the trainers on staff.
The trainers are able to push you in exertion but in a safe and controlled manner. There is no way that I would do these on my own. If my knee or hip is hurting, there is always an alternative exercise demonstrated to lessen the strain or to avoid injury. Adjustments are made during classes to accommodate different ages and varying fitness levels. I hope you continue these classes, as it is a privilege to participate, especially since the classes are open to all ages and are for both male and female members. Bao Institute really is the place to be in Georgetown for personal training and specialized directed muscle development.
Yours in fitness,