Michelle Jay

  • Bao Institute

“Dear Brian and Elaina,

I’ve never considered myself a “gym person”, although fitness is my profession I never owned a gym membership. My choice of fitness came in the form of training and teaching martial arts, yoga, and Pilates. Running and preparing for marathons, was how I balanced out my martial arts training. I never lifted a weight or stepped foot in a gym. That all changed a few years ago when I decided to become a part of the Bao family. The first person I spoke with was Jennifer. Because fitness was and is such an important part of my life I thought it was time to invest in some personal training for myself. Jennifer’s friendly and pleasant approach welcomed me, and all the questions I asked her. I didn’t want to join a gym, where I was just another face. I wanted a place I felt, cared about my progress, as much as I cared about my own clients. After my assessment with Elaina, I was introduced to my trainer Reid. I wanted to learn about weight training while staying injury free and improving my overall fitness level. And so the journey began. Over the past few years, I’ve felt welcomed as though I was a part of the Bao family. Even after my trainer left, I was greeted warmly, by the staff at The Bao Institute and, all of their trainers. In March 2015, I seriously injured my right MCL while officiating a sparring match at a tournament. Forced to stop running, and rehabilitate my knee, I still came to Bao 3 to 4 times per week to take my mind off the discomfort of my knee injury. I decided that since I could not run or train for any race I would focus on weight training and improve my strength, and endurance. I’m December 2015, I graded for my fourth-degree black belt, and I attribute my physical conditioning and knee recovery to the weight training. No other fitness program has made me feel better and more balanced than weight training. And I wouldn’t have continued at this gym if I didn’t feel the friendly vibe of all the people I routinely see when I come to work out. This year I have a goal to compete in my first fitness competition. It will take a considerable amount of work, but I am confident with the continued support of the Bao Institute I will succeed in accomplishing this goal. Wish me luck! I would like to thank Brian and Elaina and all the staff for treating their members like family. For me, it has made coming to the gym something I look forward to every day! I’m excited about my fitness goals for 2016, and with Bao’s support I know I will achieve great success at my first Fitness Competition later this year.