George Michalek

  • Bao Institute

I needed a friendly, trusted, and professional instructor to provide and outline a safe program conducive and specific to my original intended goals. Charlie provides a commitment to personally oversee and assist by example to emulate the correct technique in completing each exercise.

He always inquires about my physical condition and state of mind the next day before starting an exercise outline. Great sense of humor and encouraging motivation to extend into completing an exercise in spite of my premature exhaustion.

Charlie’s consistent determination to keep me congruently focused on the correct posture and technique by being physically interactive and communicative. My presence is never out of Charlie’s sight while under his supervision.

The major difference between a sedentary lifestyle and cutting out some unhealthy habits is. eg – smoking, fast food outlets. Involved in a more preventative and proactive treatment program under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor. Experiencing great mental clarity and a more positive frame of mind at coming to my 65th birthday. My energy and stamina have greatly improved. More conscientious and appreciative of life.

Has given me an improved relational perspective of value and identity for myself and towards others. Has reinforced and established the proactive measures and steps in implementing practical simple changes.

I need more follow-up fitness consultations as originally outlined in the Bao fitness program journal. This aspect of the program was completely absent.