Bill Bonnet

  • Bao Institute

I have been training with Charlie for a couple of years now, and the reason I do is that he is always there, he never fails to make an appointment. It is this consistency that makes you come back, if Charlie is making the effort then I want to as well.

That is not the only reason, he is well-versed in his field and always does his job very professionally. We have built up a friendship together and I trust him.
The rest of the training staff at Bao follow Charlie's example and I would not hesitate to train with any of them, all are good at what they do and always have a smile and something nice to say.

My Life hasn’t really changed since training has begun, however, I would be in a lot more pain if I hadn’t started. The goal is to live a comfortable lifestyle and pain-free, and the training makes us do things we normally wouldn’t attempt by ourselves.

Charlie and Bao are constantly introducing different flavors to keep everyone’s interest, you can participate in as much or as little as you want, however personally I like to participate in whatever capacity I can. I cannot see my life without Bao or Training with Charlie or his staff.