Dave Rion, Georgetown

  • Bao Institute

“After years of struggling, I found somebody that can make a difference. Suffering a severe brain aneurysm in October 2009, which left the entire right side of my body active and essentially reset. I was unable to move or feel anything on that side. Before the aneurysm, I was a pilot, aircraft mechanic, snowboarder, and inline skater leading a very demanding, active lifestyle enjoying the outdoors with my two active dogs. Multiple physiotherapy clinics later I felt out of options on how to continue progressing to a near-complete recovery. After many hours of research, it dawned on me that if I don’t rebuild my core strength, arm muscles, and leg muscles I wouldn’t stand a chance of gaining more mobility. Before I started with BAO my walking was awkward, my core was very weak and my body had developed many cheats.
I started training with a personal trainer. Relearning the proper form for simple things like walking, lifting my arm, balance, hip and shoulder alignment, and knowing where my limbs are in relation to the rest of my body. This, however, involves not just strength training, it also relies heavily on the brain relearning and reconnecting pathways, in an attempt to allow my body to do the simplest tasks once again. My trainer’s constant planning and knowledge of the human body mechanics have allowed him to change the workout on the fly when needed. Yet at the same time constantly challenges the brain and the body to focus on rebuilding those damaged connections. After six months of training twice a week, I feel that I am back on track. I can see improvements weekly allowing me to have more confidence during everyday tasks. Regardless of what goals someone might have, I would highly recommend one of the colleagues at BAO Fitness to aid you in achieving your peak performance”.